5 Tips for Hong Kong after dark

In last week’s blog post we shared some tips about Hong Kong dining etiquette. This week we will give you some tips on how you can survive/enjoy Hong Kong after dark!

1. Keep it casual

Unlike Sydney, Hong Kong bars and night clubs are pretty relaxed about dress codes. Dean loves it because he can get into most bars wearing thongs (flip flops) and a t-shirt. Some fancier places like hotels enforce a stricter dress code (e.g. sneakers and a short sleeved shirt). I also love how relaxed the dress code is for women – no high heels required! Even if I wanted to wear high heels I probably couldn’t as the pavement here is all uneven and there are 100s of stairs. So leave your high heels at home!

2. Take your ID with you

While I know this tip is common sense, always carry ID on you, especially if you go to a night club. Our friend from Australia came to visit, and we went to a Hong Kong night club. At about midnight the music was suddenly switched off, the lights turned on and the night club owners were yelling at everyone to go and take a seat and be quiet. Messages flashed up on the TV screens, that the police were coming and we all had to sit there while the police raided the night club. We were not allowed to move, play on our phones, talk or drink until the raid was over and we were sitting like that for more than half an hour while the police came around and checked people’s IDs. Not too sure what would have happened if we didn’t have ID!

3. It’s all about rooftop bars

Hong Kong is a city of lights, and it is best viewed outside at night from a rooftop bar. Some rooftop bars that are worth checking out:

  • Ce La Vie – Lan Kwai Fung (LKF), for the 2 for 1 on select drinks between 3pm and 9pm daily
  • Sugar – Quarry Bay, for the free popcorn snacks, and relaxed vibe
  • Red Sugar – Hung Hom, for the view and close proximity to Dockyard which is an upmarket food court.
  • Ozone – Kowloon, for being the highest rooftop bar in the world with expansive views across Hong Kong.
  • Above – Wong Chuk Hang – for somewhere cozy but a world away from busy city life.

Also check out our video about our favourite rooftop bars in Hong Kong

4. Drink on the cheap

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world for nearly everything! But going out and having a few drinks doesn’t have to be. You can drink at “Club 7” otherwise known at 7/11! Just go in and buy your alcohol then hang out in the street in front drinking!

5. There is more to Hong Kong at night than going to Lan Kwai Fong (LKF)

When you think of Hong Kong at night, the image that immediately pops into your head is that of 100s of drunk foreigners spilling out onto the roads in LKF. In our opinion while it is fun, there are other less offensive places to go to experience Hong Kong by night.

  • Our personal favourite is just up the road on Wyndam Street there are a bunch of bars/places to dance and it doesn’t get as crazy at LKF.
  • On Wednesday nights head to Happy Valley for the horse racing. Just keep in mind that it is not like horse racing in Australia or the UK, no one gets dressed up in suits or dresses with fascinators. It is more of a relaxed greyhound races sort of vibe.
  • For something different, take a night time hike. We would recommend hiking to the peak as the roads are paved so it would be less dangerous to hike at night.
  • Take a junk boat trip at night and see the city lights from Victoria harbor.

We hope that you have found our tips useful. Do you have any other tips to share about Hong Kong after dark? Please share below in the comments.

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