Run down a building – Rap Jumping in Melbourne

Have you ever watched an action movie where S.W.A.T teams effortlessly scale down the side of a building, and thought “that doesn’t look scary, I can do that”? You can now prove just how brave you are by signing up to Rap Jumping, located in Melbourne, Australia.

What is Rap Jumping?

Rap Jumping is similar to abseiling, but is done face first, and usually down the side of a building. You can run or jump your way down using a harness and rope.

I bought Dean this experience for Christmas, as I love to buy him unique and often scary activities. He looked a little bit skeptical at first, but when I told him I was going to do it as well, he knew there was no way he could back out!

When we arrived, we looked up at the seven story building we were about to descend, and it didn’t look so scary. That is until we were geared up, got to the top and looked over the edge. Then the nerves started to kick in a bit, but not enough to stop us from giving it a go.

Dean getting ready to take the first jump

We watched as a bunch of people from our group descended the building. Everyone was fine, except you could see the fear in one girl’s eyes who had to be calmly coaxed into taking a step off the building.

Next it was our turn. I went first, and while I was a little unsteady on my feet, I managed to make my way to the bottom. Dean told me the tip was to lean forward and lead with your chest. He had apparently learnt this from watching military movies. When it was his turn, he descended the building like a pro. So much so, everyone in our group cheered him (it was very annoying)!

Amanda and Dean happy after surviving 3 jumps!

Where can I go Rap Jumping?

There is a company called Rap Jumping, which offers this experience in Melbourne, Australia. This company has 100% safety rating over the past three decades. From when we arrived, up until we left, we felt 100% safe. They have a safety briefing at the start, and two instructors are with you at all times. One instructor is at the top to do all the safety checks every time you jump. They check your gloves, your helmet, harness and are responsible for clipping you onto the rope). One instructor is at the bottom to help you get down safely and unclips you after your jump. Rap Jumping (the company) is extremely professional and we highly recommend both them, and the experience!

What is the cost?

You can buy the experience direct through the Rap Jumping website.  Rap Jumping offers two different packages:

  • Rap Jumping – which offers 3 jumps for $99AUD/$70USD for adults and $79AUD/$56USD for kids.
  • The ultimate Rap Jumping experience – which offers 5 jumps, go pro footage and a t-shirt for $150AUD/$107USD

Tip#1: If you have your own go pro, it is better value to go with the 3 jump package. Just call Rap Jumping beforehand and let them know. They will give you a helmet that has the attachment for your go pro for no extra charge. Jusk ask!

Tip#2: Check discount sites such as adrenaline or bookme for the best deals.
Bookme had two tickets for just over the price of one!

Who can go Rap Jumping?

To go Rap Jumping you must be:

  • at least 7 years old
  • under 120kg
  • not pregnant
  • should be in good physical health.

Other than that, Rap Jumping can be done by anyone. No particular skill or strength is needed. It is an activity which we think is fun for both kids and adults and something we would definitely do again!

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